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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Introducing Kelvin Chua

 ......'' Greetings from Malaysia! my name is Kelvin Chua, first and foremost, a huge thank you to Lyns, for inviting me here and to share my little passion in her blog.

I was graduated as a graphic designer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After few years working as a in-house designer, I traveled across the globe to United Kingdom. I wasn't aware about the sugarcraft things until i visited a exhibition in London late 2008. i was addicted to this craft ever since that. Not purely because i like beautiful things, most importantly it is another way for me to express my love and passion of art.

Apart from learning from internet and books, competing in several international competitions in UK is another way i polished my skills. I love to turn my imagination into reality, something people can see it, and even feel it!

Kerry Vincent is my lifetime learning example. All her works are art. They are stylish, elegant and they stand out proud! How i wish i could have the opportunity to fly to US one day to meet her in person!

I'm now a cake designer and sugar artist back in Malaysia. I love sharing my knowledge and experience of art and sugarcraft with everyone who interested. I always challenge myself to create something more impressive than my last piece.

Art is endless, so let your imagination runs wild. one day if you find yourself stuck with idea again, maybe you should start decorate in a reverse way: distort! and distract!

nice meeting you all! happy cakeing and sugaring!

lots of love from Malaysia
Kelvin Chua


  1. Oh my... Those are so gorgeous!!!!

  2. Such stunning work, you are quite an artist and truly now how to create an edible work of art!!