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Monday, February 7, 2011

Casting call for Puppet Theatre Cakes

Chad Fada
Jim Levine

Lil Nina
Lil Phat Al

Lemon ProductionsAll Images *copywrite protected with permission to use for contest from Nicholas Lemon These puppets and logo can be reproduced in cake for the sole purpose of the Puppet Theatre Cake *copywrite casting Call by Sweet Cuppin cakes Lyndsay Zoratti

We are very pleased to announce our Casting Call for Puppet Theatre Cakes, we have an impressive jury and some pretty neat sponsors too. This contest is borne out of a love for sugar arts and the cross over to other art forms. We welcome anyone to compete and the rules are very simple.

Contest opens Wednesday February 9th and runs for six weeks to allow everyone time to get their Puppet Theatre Cake made. Last entry must be in by March 25th at midnight.
Our jurors will have a 2 week period to judge all entries and a winner will be announced April 8th at 2pm EST.
The puppet: Must be made of cake and or cupcakes, must be similar to the puppets featured by Lemon Productions, Lemon Productions logo can be used or your very own design. A likeness of our jurors can be depicted if you are kind. ANY form of foul play is cause for automatic termination of your puppet.
Your puppet must be in fact 2/3 cake as we know you will require armature. As you make your puppet please take at least 3 photos of the production. Then submit those and a final photo of your completed cast member to the fimo fondant photo shoot page which is located in the right side bar of this blog.
Our jurors will score your cast member (Theatre Puppet cake) by the following guidelines.
1. likeness to a puppet
2. proper use of cake proportion
3. colour and clarity of sugar work (you have lots of time)
4. size must be at least 12 inches and no bigger than 36 inches in height
5. photo quality must be clear
Marionettes are include in this casting call and cupcakes should be used if and where possible for these (dedicated to Kari Haskell of Retro Bakery) Cupcakes can also be used for facial features and body parts (again be nice)
Good luck to everyone and the most important Have Fun. We have some amazing jurors on board that it is a privilege to make a Puppet Theatre cake for any one of them. Thanks for playing.
There will be a Grand Prize winner and honourary mention prizes awarded. Sponsors have supplied our prizes once again and we give our humble thanks.
x Lyndsay

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