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Monday, February 7, 2011

Puppetry in Cake Competition

Puppetry in Cake Competition is all about rounding up a cast of artists, new and experienced in any capacity to come create a puppet or a theatre out of cake and or cupcakes! (I promised Kari Haskel of Retro Bakery, a valued friend and sponsor of ours, cupcakes would be included)  Our contest is inspired this time round by one of our jurors Nicholas Lemon of Lemon Productions
"At the age of 14, Master Puppeteer Nicholas Lemon co-founded Lemon Productions, a live touring company. After a very successful 10-year run of live performing, in 2005, Nicholas took over sole ownership of Lemon Productions.
Since that first show, the company continued not only to perfect their puppetry skills but also to expand and introduce groundbreaking techniques into live performances. During that time, to add a new dimension to the show, the company started approaching various musical celebrities to create puppet likenesses and to use their music in live performances. The first celebrity approached was “Weird Al” Yankovic, who gave immediate approval and was soon a popular addition to the show. Following him, permission from many other iconic celebrities such as Elton John and Janet Jackson followed.
By “invitation only”, he has taken part not only in Jim Henson Company workshops,
but also in a Sesame Street workshop. Having the skills required to make it through to the end of each of these workshops, without being cut, gives Nicholas the pleasure of being able to say that he is on their short list of qualified puppeteers. You can read more about the inspiring Nicholas on his web page.
How does Nicholas relate to cake? In the fall of 2008 Nicholas and his company were delighted when Duff Goldman gave his blessing to create not one, not two…but nine puppet likenesses of the cast of “Ace Of Cakes” to be used on “The Food Network’s” hit reality show (“...we had the absolute thrill of having all of us recreated in puppet form by the brilliant and talented Nic Lemon of Lemon Productions.” Mary Alice, Manager of Charm City Cakes.)" quoted from Nicholas Lemon's press bio.
 Thus hatched my idea to unite another form of art to the sugar arts Puppetry in Cake! Being a huge supporter of all of the arts I just love to see when all inspiring artists are cast together to create, well simply put, Amazing creations. Sweet Cuppin Cakes was born out of my love for celebrating, being artistic and the love of making people happy so these competitions held in our Fimo Fondant blog just naturally followed. I am very thankful always for everyone's participation and feel so happy when I can bring others into this endeavor of mine. I am a true believer that the healing arts comes with it the component of sugar artistry.
Nicholas and I are very energetic about this competition and invite you the artist to come play with us. (I am certain Nic could interject a jingle or two here if we asked him) And yes, his real last name is Lemon ;o)
As you search around the links and Nic's webpages you will come to see why I have chosen this talented man to be a source of inspiration for us all. I adore him and I am sure you will too. Enjoy. x Lyndsay

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