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Monday, October 18, 2010

Gerbera Tutorial

I have many new tutorials to come for this blog site; however, I have learned that they are too large of files to place on the blog, so I will attach the link to my facebook page and the tutorials will be listed under my notes. Lyndsay had specifically asked me to get these tutorials up and as Nana had been anxiously waiting, I got the Gerbera tutorial done first. This is a tutorial I invented entirely on my own and is not 'inspired' or 'copied' from any other source. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Cheers, Lisa (Just Desserts)


  1. Thank you, Lisa for the tutorial! This is great and free, too!

  2. Anytime hun. I love doing them. I am trying to get my other tutorials up, especially my life size roses as they are in such high demand. I take my inspiration from my mom's porcelain work when I was a child. She was an award winning porcelain artist. I have just been bogged down with many other types of questions regarding recipes, etc. on my FB page so I have not got this one done yet. Hopefully soon. Take care, glad you enjoyed it, Lisa