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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Make a Shaggy Fondant Teddy Bear - Inspired By Michelle Cake Designs

I want to introduce you to an Australian friend of mine Michelle from Inspired by Michelle Cakes. Michelle is the artist who created the bear I posted yesterday and she is going to show you how to make a fondant bear! Pretty spiffy huh?
Now any of you who are reluctant to give this a go, have no excuses, none! you will see!
Thank you so much Michelle
Lyndsay and Kerry


  1. Hi Lyndsay and Kerry, I just wanted to say how thrilled I am that you have included my little tutorial as part of this wonderful competition.

    I have added the "Create a Kerry Vincent Bear" competition to both my website and blog. I have also added with the posts two image collages of bears that I have made using this method. Not that you need any extra advertising from the responses you have had already!!

    Thanks again, I really wish the show was a little closer - I think I will have to add it to my schedule for next year.

    Bye for now,

    Michelle Rea
    Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs

  2. Any suggestions? As my area is too humid to even consider using fondant.

  3. Hi Michelle, you can certainly enter a bear as it is all online and I would never leave my Australian mates out, my brother would have my head! Thanks for posting all the additional info for us you are a doll! Equipment is also available through my bakery however still yet to have a chance to post! Michelle we are loving the response as Kerry and I have one main goal in all of this and it is to have the sugar arts recognized in the art society as a member of the Arts in it's own right. I even have musicians making bears xox

    Harpy Queen: Yes my advice to you would be to use a different edible substance that you feel comfortable working with. No rice krispie treats please and no moulds that is pretty much the only guidelines I can offer. xx

  4. That means no shaped cake pans, correct?

  5. HI Harpy, you are correct!