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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sweet Cuppin Cakes Cake Crew is Growing and oh so Sweet!

Our Sweet Cuppin Cakes Cake Crew Competing first in the Kerry Bear Competition is growing nicely daily! Welcome new members and good luck. If you would like to join the cake crew and compete please do sign up with us HERE or click at the side of the page!

There are no entry fees and no experience necessary, you can find the rules in this blog.

We are looking for 100's of bears! This is a fantastic opportunity to show Kerry and I your best bear! Cheers Lyndsay

1 comment:

  1. My oh my, we are growing like weeds.

    I very much looking forward to seeing all of the Kerry Bears, they are going to look a veritable Rockette chorus line before it is all through.
    I am certain the how-to video will help a lot, for those unsure.

    So much camaraderie among friends, always wonderful to see. Don't forget I am going to the ICES convention in a week and will be gone for ten days and would love to see some Kerry Bears before I leave and tons when I get back! I will look forward to reading all the posts here, facebook and on fantourage when I get back -- something to look forward to.

    Kerry xx