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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cookie Contest for all Artists! We need you and your creative spirits

Hiya on this marvelous daylight savings time day! It gives you an extra hour to make cookies! With the holidays coming, it doesn't hurt to have a few cookies tucked away starting now. Most cookies will freeze gorgeously for up to 3 months. My boys got creative using cookie cutters but then changing the intent of the design, they had a blast. These are just dipped in a wash of confectioners sugar and milk with a tad of almond flavour and then detailed with royal frosting as you would not want to do a whole cookie with that, it is not so appealing in taste. Should you use royal frosting for all of the cookie use an infusion or an extract to flavour the icing and to thin it for the "fill" method. Bridget teaches all of that in her wonderful tutorials below.
Our recipe:
Vanilla sugar cookies:
Makes around 25-30 medium sized cookies.

100 grams sugar and
100 grams of confectioners sugar (powdered)
2 large eggs.
1 tbsp of vanilla and 4 drops almond or lemon extract
(450 grams) of all-purpose flour, sifted.
(200 grams) of unsalted butter, diced.
50 grams of flour for rolling.
First you:
In a bowl or in the kitchen mixer with paddle attachment, mix the two types of sugar, vanilla and the egg. Add the flour and the butter and keep mixing just until the dough comes together.
Then you:
Knead the dough lightly by hand on your flour dusted kitchen counter and wrap it well in cling film and put it in a plastic bag. Chill the dough for 2 hours.
Baking and rolling:
Depending on the size of cookie bake them from 15-20 mins. You want them to be light golden brown without being raw in the middle
Hint: Roll cookie dough using rolling guides from PME they are called "spacers" They are available through Amazon

Go have a fab cookie day and would love to see YOUR work HERE
Upload your photos in our album and win Contest open until Dec 10th 2010


  1. I'll sure give it a try,but can you tell us at which temperature?
    Thanks a lot :)

  2. You would bake your cookies at 350 for approx 8 minutes just until golden on the bottom and nice and dry on top (no shiny bits)

  3. The amount of time in the recipe are for very large cookies and at a temp of 325 degrees F

  4. Fun little cookies that your boys made! Good luck to everyone!